Chris Buhalis & Dave Boutette – December 4, 2019

Concert details

Doors: 6:30pm, Show time: 7:00 pm

Admission $15 (suggested donation)
100% of proceeds go to the performers.

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“… a wonder of blood and bone, spirit and earth…Buhalis makes music simply and directly. His country folk leanings have been tempered by and cut from the land itself; his is above all American music in all its contradictions and rough-hewn grace…” – Thom Jurek of

Chris has penned some of the finest songs this concert host has ever heard. In my opinion, he’s right up there with the greats, Guy Clark and Townes Van Zandt (who also sang on is 1998 release Kenai Dreams) his wit, wisdom and wisecracks between the songs will keep you on your toes and thoroughly entertained.

“Dave Boutette fuses a sort of classic folk feel ala Woody Guthrie or early Dylan with kisses of modern alt folk edginess and a touch of crooner blues. The result is unique and refreshing, with music that lets you pay attention to the wonderful stories while experiencing them in subtly non-traditional singer/songwriter fashions. You can also think of Tom Waits without the gruff voice. Music that is catchy, honest and enjoyable as well as being skillfully crafted.”

– Music Morsels

The special intimacy that only comes from sharing firelight is where Dave Boutette finds his home.  Songs of highway hijinks and wildcat oil drillers in the Michigan woods are as likely to be heard as old favorites that have been in your head and heart for years. 

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