Booking Policy

Performing Songwriters who would like to be considered for On the Tracks Songwriter Showcase should READ THIS FIRST.

We typically book 12 – 18 months out so short-notice bookings almost never happen.

BEFORE YOU SUBMIT: Please be aware that our concerts take place ONLY on the first Wednesday of the month from September – May. No exceptions. We rent the building so we can’t easily create an event on another night. At this time we do NOT host concerts in the summer or on any day other than the first Wednesday of the month from September – May.

What we’re looking for…

Please know that it is not our intention to be snobbish or in any way discouraging. The simple fact is that there just aren’t enough shows to book everyone we would like and that list keeps growing. A decision not to book you does not necessarily mean we don’t love you or your music.

That said, we are looking for a very specific kind of performance for this series. We take our tagline “It’s all about the songs” very literally and in most cases, we are seeking out seasoned artists who we admire personally with a healthy library of great songs. In some cases, we will book artists who we feel have a lot of potential (and yes, we recognize this is subjective, but since this is our series, we get to choose).

Here are a couple more things to consider before you submit:

  • It is highly unlikely that we will book an artist we’ve never seen perform live. We are busy performing artists ourselves and our ability to get out and see you perform is limited, so it’s a crap shoot.
  • We are primarily booking solos or duos. Our preference for this series is to keep it very stripped-down and intimate. It’s not that we don’t love bands. But with each additional band member you increase the risk of cluttering the ears, greatly hindering the ability to hear the lyrics. We don’t want to discourage all trios or quartets. We do make exceptions, long as our ability to hear the words is not affected. 

Other things we look for (especially if we’ve never seen you live):

  • Professional website with an EPK showing live performance video in a listening room environment. Bonus for audience interaction.
  • Performance history and upcoming shows. 
  • At least 1 full-length album of original material. More is better. 
  • OH, and that email inquiry should demonstrate that you have looked at this page. If it appears to be a mass email/form letter you may not get a response. Otherwise, we do try to respond to every inquiry. 

So, are you passionate about songwriting? Are you willing to share and can you talk with confidence about your own songwriting?

If you would like to be considered, send an email to If you’re unsure whether or not we know you (don’t assume we know OF you – popularity is not a factor), please send a message with dates you’ll be coming through, a link to your EPK (no attachments please).

Thanks for your understanding.