Shari Kane & Dave Steele / Eleanor Ellis – February 1, 2017

Concert details

Doors: 6:30pm, Show time: 7:00 pm

Admission $15 (suggested donation)
100% of proceeds go to the performers.


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Shari Kane & Dave Steele

Shari and Dave first met in the summer of 1991, crossing paths as performing blues musicians: Shari was the partner of harmonica legend, Madcat Ruth, (Madcat & Kane), while Dave was leading the electric blues band, Big Dave and the Ultrasonics. A happy marriage, thousands of miles of touring, and twenty-five years later, they’re thrilled to be performing and recording together.

As an acoustic blues duo, Shari and Dave throw a four handed guitar party of original and traditional blues, gospel, swing and old-time mountain music. Steeped in Dave’s smoky vocals, percussive rhythm and innovative lead lines, Shari’s crisp picking style, rootsy leads, and stinging slidework, their music has been described as “street swing and stomp blues,” – a testament to sounds once heard on the streets of Harlem, the juke joints of Mississippi, the Carolina hills, or from the jug bands of Memphis.

Eleanor Ellis

Eleanor Ellis has developed a distinctive and personal approach to the music, and has played
at festivals and clubs throughout the United States, in Canada and in Europe. According to one reviewer, “More than copying one artist or another, Ellis distills the elements of the originals and transmits them, intact, in her own expressive way.” She credits her musical reach to such greats as Memphis Minnie, Skip James and other early recording artists, as well as to the influence of the blues players she has personally known.

“For Eleanor Ellis, her musical career was what happened while she was doing what she liked to do. Fortuitously, what she likes to do – creating, recreating, preserving and performing basic American blues – is also what she believes in. And what she does well” – Barbara Bamberger Scott

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