Event details

Workshop: 2:00pm – 4:00p

Concert: 6:00pm


Workshop & Concert: $50
Workshop only: $35
Concert only: $20

100% of proceeds go to the performers.

POSTPONED for future date TBA

Harnessing the Power of Humor: A Workshop for Performers

When the space between songs is as entertaining as the music the audience remains connected to the performance from the first note of the evening until the concert ends. Humor is powerful. When an audience is laughing they are engaged. You will learn how to use the powerful combination of story and humor to keep your audience focused from song to song. Among the comedy tools we will discuss will be confidence, body language, misdirection, set up/pay off, and vocal inflection. The goal is not to turn you into a comedian but to give you a greater understanding of what makes people laugh so you can use it to find a style and level of humor that suits your unique personality.

Workshop Location:

Presented by On The Tracks Productions
Chelsea Depot
125 Jackson St
Chelsea, MI 48118

Date: TBA
Time: Workshop: 2 -4p, Concert 6p – 8pm

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